Friday, January 16, 2009

Potential Ramifications Of A Disaster

OK. Let's just say one of the disasters occurs that we spoke about in my last post (Potential Disasters). What kind of things can you expect to happen? By thinking this through, you can better prepare you and your family to deal with the disaster and prepare accordingly. Lets say there is an electrical outage:
An electrical outage, on average, can last any where form 2 to 48 hrs. Food spoilage is possible; you may lose heat or air conditioning. How can you plan for this emergency? What do you need to have on hand? (mres? freeze-dried food?)

What about a severe winter storm:
Your furnance could be affected (do you have a back-up source of heat?)
Frozen pipes (do you have water stored?)
Transportation disrupted: YOU CAN'T GET TO A STORE FOR FOOD! or, food shelves empty due to trucking disruption. (do you have food storage?)

Let's take civil disorder or unrest:
Disruption of commute
Dangerous crowds
Looting, and general chaos
Fire? Stores closed?
Stranded at school, home, office because it is too dangerous to go out on the streets?

Nuclear or biological threats:
Disruption of commerce
Less personal freedom
Impaired breathing air! (NBC gear?)

Danger in traveling, by foot or vehicle
Possible loss of utilities

These are just a few possible scenarios you should think about and plan accordingly! Take care!

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