Friday, January 16, 2009

Potential Disasters YOU Should Plan For

This blog is set up to get you thinking and ACTING on a plan to survive natural or man made disasters. Unfortunately, this is a topic that needs to be addressed. One only need look at the headlines to know there are many DIFFERENT types of disasters occuring in the world. So, what type of disaster should you prepare for? You don't think a disaster can come to a "town" near you? Consider these disasters, and then ask yourself, "Could this happen to me?" Obviously, a disaster is aptly named: it's sudden, unexpected, and unwanted!! Non-the-less, you need to prepare. Consider the following list:

Possible Disasters

Natural Disasters
Hurricanes ,Tornadoes ,Heavy thunder storms, Flash flooding, Flooding Mud/rock slides ,High winds ,Hail Severe winter weather, Avalanche, Extreme high heat, Drought, Wildfire

Non Weather-related
Earthquake, Volcano eruption ,Tidal wave/Tsunami

Man-made Disasters
War (conventional, biological, chemical or nuclear)
Toxic material emission/spill (from a train or nearby plant)
Riot or other civil disorder
Nuclear plant melt down or other nuclear disaster
Stock market crash or Severe depression
Unemployment/financial disaster

Plague or disease outbreak
Comet strike or giant meteor
Personal Emergencies : Random acts of violence against yourself or a family member
Death in family
Home destroyed by fire

Thinks about it and act, today! For you know not what tomorrow may bring!

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