Friday, January 30, 2009

Disaster Scenario #1: Power Outage: What Can You Do?

If you have read my previous posts, Potential Disasters and Disaster Ramifications, we're now going to deal with how YOU can prepare and cope with each scenario.
Scenario #1 : Power Goes Out. What can you expect? We spoke about the fact that food can begin to spoil and the fact you may be out of water for a while. As witnessed in the midwest this past week, people were asked to conserve their use of water because there was not enough power to pump water from the municipal water source. Therefore, in preparing for a potential power outage, you need to have food and water on hand.

Did you know, it is a fact, that the majority of American homes have less than 3 days of food on hand. What happens if you can't even cook that food because the power has gone out?

One solution is to have MRE's
These are easy to fix, require little, if any water, and often come with a way to heat it.
Another solution is to have freeze dried foods on hand, and a very good brand is Mountain House Freeze-Dried Food
Another way to be prepared is to have your own bulk food storage program. For more information on storing bulk foods and getting started on your own bulk food program, please visit

What can you do about storing water? One option is to purchase, now, Water Barrels and Storage. It's a good idea to think ahead. You will need to determine how much water you and your family will require. If you have animals, you must also factor this in.

Of course, and this is an excellent option, you can purchase from a number of companies, an already put together 72 Hour Emergency Survival Kit- 5 Person. is an excellent company that supply you with the preparedness supplies you may need.

Can you take care of your family in an emergency. Be Ready. Be Prepared.

Next post, we'll cover scenario #2: Winter Disaster

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