Thursday, April 16, 2009

Backyard Home Garden and Backyard Chickens: They Go Together Likes Birds To A Feather!

Are you still planning to put in a garden this year and also raise backyard chickens? Here's an idea you may want to consider...plant your garden and put your chicken coop in the same area...let me explain.
1. Choose a suitable place for your garden and fence twice as much growing space as you will need to grow your various vegetables.
2. Put a gate at each end of your rectangular plot.
3. Build your chicken coop directly in the center of your "compound", and divide that area right down the middle with more fencing. Make sure there is a door on each side of your new chicken coop.
4. The "first" year of your garden, plant vegetables on one half of your plot, while on the other half of your plot, the chickens run free in their yard.
5. At the end of the gardening season, let your chickens have the run of the whole place.
6. The next gardening season, rotate the whole operation: plant your garden on the alternate side, and let the chickens have the run of the area that was your garden last year!
7. Keep this rotation system up each year. Not only will your chickens naturally fertilize the area for your future garden each year, they will do a dandy job of ridding unwanted bugs and insects!

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Happy Gardening!

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