Sunday, January 11, 2009

Winter Survival Tips: Items To Keep In Your Vehicle

If you or your family are planning a trip, or even a simple errand, it is important to be prepared for ANYTHING. A good rule of thumb is to have an emergency kit in your vehicle. Below are listed a few tips and keys to remember if you happen to have vehicle trouble, or the weather is such that you are stranded. Heaven forbid this were to occur, but in the event, preparation is essential.

Keep a bag stocked and always present in your trunk or in the cargo compartment just in case of emergency. Purchase a bag expressly for this purpose or simply use a cardboard box, an old travel bag, or a couple of canvas grocery bags.

Kits should include, at minimum:
Winter coat, hat, and gloves;

blanket (or more than one)
First-aid kit
Some non-perishable food such as granola bars, or crackers; or some hard candy
"Strike anywhere" matches in a water-tight container
Candles and an empty coffee can to melt snow; a cup is a good idea as well
Flashlight with extra batteries
Small tool kit or at least an all purpose tool
Jumper cables
Tire chains

Important Tips
If you are forced off the road or simply have to wait out the worst of the storm, turn on your emergency flashers.

Remember to carry your cell phone with you but realize you may not have service. Call for help if you can.

Stay with your car. In your car you will be protected from the elements, you’ll stay near the highway, and you will be far more visible. Trying to go for help will only expose you to the elements and increase your chances of getting lost. You could easily be hit by another car if you attempt to walk alongside a highway. Run the engine only for about ten minutes per hour to heat the car and open a window slightly on the side opposite the wind for ventilation.

Be patient. Even in the most remote places, there will be other cars on the road and emergency personnel at work.

You’ll be safe, and if you follow these simple suggestions, you’ll be comfortable while you wait for help.

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