Thursday, January 8, 2009

Read these Headlines and WEEP! Then PREPARE

These are a sampling of recent news headlines...all happening within the last couple of days. If this does not give you incentive to prepare....just PLEASE heed, and be prepared for any thing! It looks like just about any thing can happen!

January 8, 2009By AP
Earthquakes caused 88,070 fatalities in 2008, the highest number since 2004, the US Geological Survey reports.

SPOKANE, Wash. (AP) - More than 6 feet of snow in the past three weeks has left Spokane residents frustrated. Tempers are so frayed that a man was arrested for shooting at a snow plow operator.This unusually harsh winter has disrupted schools, traffic, garbage pickup and mail service in the city of 200,000.

Firefighters Gain Ground on Wildfire Near DenverWinds calmer, firefighters gain ground on wildfire near Denver; evacuated residents return BOULDER, Colo. January 8, 2009 (AP) The Associated Press

January 7, 2009Register - London
A study funded by NASA has flagged up yet another terrible hazard for those no longer able to get excited about nuclear war, global pandemics, terrorism, climate change, economic meltdown and asteroid strike. Top space brainboxes say that even if the human race survives all those, there is a serious risk of civilisation being brought crashing to its knees by a sudden high-intensity solar radiation storm.

California's snow pack levels breed new water worries Jan. 08/09 USA Today

A Year of Extreme Weather
It is a story repeated throughout the country
January 5, 2009The Reporter - Fond du Lac, WI

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