Wednesday, June 3, 2009

June 3, 2009: WHO Close to Declaring Swine Flu Pandemic

I know we have all heard it before, but this was in today's headlines, so I wanted you to have a heads-up:

"The World Health Organisation is close to declaring a global flu pandemic after a surge in cases around the world, including the first Briton to fall critically ill solely because of the virus.

Keiji Fukuda, the official overseeing the WHO's flu strategy, said the virus had now reached 64 countries and was spreading fast outside Mexico and the US, the most heavily affected countries.

Fukuda said the organisation was now "getting closer" to declaring the outbreak had reached phase six, the highest level on their alert scale. Overnight, Chile became the latest country to declare its first swine flu death."

With that, I still would like to reiterate the importance of boosting your immune system naturally and getting healthy to resist this strain of flu. Please read my other posts and infomation on the flu. As I get more information, I will post. But, here are a couple of items to consider. This on Tamiflu and Relenza:
"Tamiflu is worse than worthless. It kills people. Japan has banned it. Even the FDA—after review of nearly 600 cases of neuropsychiatric events reported by patients on Tamiflu and 115 cases of neuropsychiatric events by patients taking Relenza—has warned that Tamiflu’s label be strengthened to note: “In some cases, these behaviors resulted in serious injuries, including death, in adult and pediatric patients.
The FDA staff said Relenza, a drug in the same class as Tamiflu, should have a warning label of “reports of hallucinations, delirium and abnormal behavior” observed in some patients taking the drug."

Also, this on the proposed swine flu vaccine:

"The only problem is (as in regards to a vaccine) that to date neither the WHO nor the US Government’s Center for Diseases Control (CDC) have succeeded to isolate, photograph with an electron microscope and chemically classify the H1N1 Influenza A virus. Even more bizarre is the admission by the US Government’s Food & Drug Administration, an agency responsible for health and safety of its citizens, that the ‘test’ is approved for premature release to test for H1N1 is not even a proven test. More to the point, there is no forensic evidence in any of the deaths reported to date that has been presented that proves scientifically that any single death being attributed to H1N1 Swine Flu virus was indeed caused by such a virus. European epidemiologists believe the deaths reported to date are ‘coincidental’ or what are called opportunistic infections."

Do you need some good news? I sure this headline, and then plant a garden...if not for yourself, for someone in need!

Urban gardens ease bills, brighten cityscape
By Kathleen Gray, USA TODAY

With the help of Urban Farming, a Detroit-based non-profit group, this 20-foot-by-20-foot lot and more than 600 others like it across the USA are being turned into gardens filled with fresh vegetables for hungry families.

Hey, what a way to kill two birds with one a neighbor and eat healthy yourself so you develop your immune systems against the flu!

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