Thursday, May 14, 2009

SWINE FLU VACCINE TESTS PROVE UNSAFE: Could We Have a Repeat of 1976 in 2009?

"Take the profit out of the manufacture and administration of serums and vaccines and they would soon be condemned even by those who are now using them"—George Starr White M D

The news media has been full of dire predictions of the "Swine Flu Pandemic"'s potential spread, and it's potential return with greater ramifications this fall. So, what is the truth, and what should you do? Perhaps the greatest action is to become educated and informed. DO NOT have a knee jerk reaction and run out and get vaccinated. Prepare to stay at home with emergency supplies in the event the virus does become extremely virulent. Get HEALTHY and boost your immune system!

And I ask you to take the time to read this extremely important article posted on entitled SWINE FLU IS A HOAX!

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