Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Influenza Pandemic 2009!: Prevention Using Essential Oils!

The recent influenza outbreak continues to spread. Due to the fact that this is a rare and "never-been-seen" before virus, it is essential to take immediate steps to protect you and your family.
Jonathan Campbell, Health Consultant for
Natural Therapies for Chronic Illness & Health Maintenance says, "The way to prepare yourself and protect your family from this influenza is not a vaccine or anti-viral drug. I strongly recommend that if vaccines and/or anti-viral drugs are offered to you, that you refuse them. These actually reduce your immunity; vaccines contain many toxic components, such as aluminum, mercury, and solvents, and anti-viral drugs interfere with critical body processes. Historical evidence of vaccinations has shown that they actually increase the chances of becoming severely ill. Influenza vaccines in particular are notoriously ineffective and have harmed thousands of people, and there is evidence already that Tamiflu, now being stockpiled for a possible epidemic, is useless against Avian Influenza."
So, what can a person do? An alternative step you can take immediately, is to use a combination of the essential oils clove, rosemary, cinnamon bark, lemon and eucalyptus radiata . These oils may be bought separately or already blended. During the 15th century in England there was a plague. Robbers and thieves would rub these oils on their bodies to avoid getting the plague while robbing their victims. This combination of oils has been shown to be 99.6% effective against airborne bacteria.
I have personally used these oils and can attest with 100% confidence of their effectiveness. I highly recommend, without any hesitation, these oils. You may purchase Thieves essential oil blend
or the individual oils at the same web-site.

For individual oils, it is recommended that you blend 200 drops of clove, 175 drops lemon oil, 100 drops cinnamon bark, 75 drops eucalyptus radiata and 50 drops of rosemary. This blend, or the Thieves, may be applied to the bottom of your feet, or stomach.

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