Sunday, February 8, 2009

Earthquakes: Are You Prepared? What Are Some Possible Warning Signs?

Approximately a month ago, the St. Louis area experienced a foul odor lingering in their city... Please read:By Alex Fees

KSDK -- Numerous people reported an unusual odor in the St. Louis area on Sunday and Monday.

South St. Louis resident Terry Thompson said he smelled it.

"Yes, about 9:00 this morning. When I left to go run an errand, I smelled some sulfur or rotten eggs. And I thought it was a gas smell or a gas leak in the neighborhood," Thompson said.

It was not a natural gas leak, according to Laclede Gas Company officials.

"We have a number of ways we can investigate, in the air, testing the lines, and that's what we've been doing since early yesterday morning to determine that this is not related to natural gas," Corporate communications manager Rob Arrol said. "This is something else."

St. Louis Fire Department officials said the odor was not concentrated to any one area.

"The calls started for us about 6:00 Sunday morning. And within a 12-hour period, we've had about 20 calls that we responded to for an unknown odor," said St. Louis Fire Captain Bob Kreuss. "The calls are widespread. They've been north, south, and the central corridor; it's not isolated to any certain area at all."

While fire officials said they do not know what the odor is, it does not appear to be dangerous. Keuss demonstrated a combustible gas indicator, a hand-held device firefighters use to test for the presence of gases that can explode.

"In this case it tells us that there is no flammable range," said Keuss, "so we have eliminated natural gas, any type of flammable source."


There is speculation as to what may have caused this foul odor...could it be a precursor to an earthquake. Please visit this link and see what you think? Possible? Perhaps, it might be time to prepare...

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