Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Chemtrails: Awareness Means Survival To Your Health

What is happening to our skies? Do you see the CONSTANT path of endless jets flying over your skies and leaving behind criss-cross patterns? What are chemtrails? If nothing else, they are annoying "clouds" that ruin what began as a perfect blue sky day. I know. I live where I have witnessed ENDLESS spraying over a fairly remote area where ONCE the sky was beautiful every day. The spraying has been constant for over 9 years.
Are these contrails or chemtrails? Are they harmful to your health? Watch the following videos. Make up your own mind:

Need More Proof? Have you seen this in your sky? LOOK UP!!!

So what to do? First, become aware! Next, do your own investigation. Then, take charge of your life and take charge of your health! Eat well, drink good, filtered water: IsoPure Water or Big Berkey
or add silver to your water supply...it has been found to increase your immunity! Look into: Village Resource Solutions, LLC

Learn how to take care of yourself with homeopathic, natural medicine. Learn more about the Native Remedies range of homeopathic, herbal remedies.

Begin to take back your health, and your skies today!

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